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Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Monster Code Corporation, an innovative software development company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and Budapest, Hungary. Monster Code has a diverse team of design professionals, software engineers, web developers and data analysts, across California and Europe bringing high tech innovations and culture together. Leveraging a network of talented professionals. We specialize in 3 things: Software development (monster code), Development Off Shoring (monster talent) and Start Up Incubation (monster idea).

Job Description

We are looking for a data scientist who can analyze customer behavior data, visualize and present the results. She/He is also capable to conduct A/B tests on different personalization algorithms to decide which algorithm performs better in a certain condition.


  • Help for the business with insights gained from the data
  • Participating in data mining projects, can fine-tune and develop new recommender algorithms for our customers
  • Creating ad-hoc analysis to customers about service effectiveness
  • Present POC and A/B results


  • Excellent mathematical skills in algorithm theory
  • Knowledge of data mining
  • Experience in Python or R
  • Experience in relational databases
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Hungarian as well (both written and oral is necessary)


  • Knowledge of text mining algorithms and frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of distributed version control software (GIT)

 To apply, please send us your CV: hr@monster-code.com