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Python Developer

Python Developer

Monster Code Corporation, an innovative software development company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and Budapest, Hungary. Monster Code has a diverse team of design professionals, software engineers, web developers and data analysts, across California and Europe bringing high tech innovations and culture together. Leveraging a network of talented professionals. We specialize in 3 things: Software development (monster code), Development Off Shoring (monster talent) and Start Up Incubation (monster idea).

Job Description

Vast knowledge in Python and Django. Experience with client side technologies (JavaScript..CSS) Knowledge in both SQL databases and No-SQL databases


  • Understanding of software engineering best practices and object oriented designs
  • Ability to operate in an agile, entrepreneurial start-up environment
  • You must be motivated, driven, and passionate about programming and new technology


  • 2+ years experience: Python, Django, Django RestFramework, Celery, JavaScript, Vue.js Docker, Nginx, Postgres, Redis
  • Should work in an Agile or TDD environment
  • Knowledge and experience with using open source products.
  • Excellent teamwork skills with an ability to reach out and use team strengths to get the work done.
  • Fluent in English.


To apply, please send us your CV: hr@monster-code.com